The demands of our mission and the uniqueness of our approach have shaped a unique organizational design and team ethos at Metrea.

Our teammates thrive in a flat information environment, where the primacy of ideas, hyper-collaboration, and open tasking allow us to stitch together a complex stack of capabilities in an agile, DevOps manner.

We are a team of builders. Decidedly entrepreneurial, and deliberately systematic.

We are driven by a passion for what we do, and how we do it, who we do it with, and who we do it for.

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Metrea exists to deliver solutions to the toughest problems in national security. We focus on the hardest problems because they have the biggest impact.

We do this by leveraging the strength and dynamism of free enterprise and open societies, applying both commercial innovation and commercial business models. Metrea is not a corporate bureaucracy – we are a team of teams, with a design that organizes us into small units that remain customer-facing, mission-focused, and solutions-orientated.


Metrea operates in a deeply meritocratic environment, encouraging boundary-less sharing of information and rallying behind the primacy of ideas.

While a teammate’s responsibilities at Metrea are mandated, one’s span of influence or level of impact are limitless.

Here, hierarchies are emergent, earned, and dynamic. The potency of your ideas could see you starting at the top of those hierarchies from day one.

People First

What we do and how we do it places extraordinary demands on finding and developing people with exceptional potential.

We are fiercely dedicated to teammates that share our values, challenge our thinking, and are intrinsically motivated to build. Metrea is constantly pushing the limits of its intellectual diversity, continuously refreshing its ideas pool by the pursuit of cross-disciplinary thinking and complete problem-set immersion.

At Metrea, you will be exposed, trusted, and challenged to the level that our mission demands of us. You will be mentored, trained and supported at every step of the way. We help employees pursue higher learning, certifications, training, continuing credits, and association memberships. Metrea also offers flexible work options to ensure that everyone can succeed no matter where they are located or their development commitments.

Quiet Professionals

We are far from perfect. However, our mission demands that we constantly strive for excellence. We deeply believe that a pursuit of ever-higher levels of achievement is rooted in a continuous learning environment, and that the bedrock of learning, growth, and outstanding outcomes is humility.

We look for teammates that will make us want to teach everything we know to them and make us want to learn everything they know.

Metrea Ethos

Rooted in Humility

Modest, unassuming, quiet professionals that understand how high the stack of things are more important than our own self is.

Total Honesty

Always, wholly, and absolutely truthful, transparent, intellectually honest, unfiltered and reflective.

Courage in Our Conduct

We say what’s on our mind, speak up for what’s right, and take risks we are prepared for to support our teammates and partners.


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Working at Metrea

Metrea believes in its employees and enables them to succeed. Metrea offers a wide range of benefits for life both in and out of the office.

Stay Healthy

Metrea offers Medical, Life and Disability insurance in addition to subsidized retirement and pension savings.

Family Matters

Metrea gives maternity and paternity leave to all expecting or new parents.


We offer flexible remote working opportunities, dependent on your lifestyle and location, as well as a performance based bonus scheme.

Adaptation, Accelerated.

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