Electromagnetic Solutions

Metrea offers a deep stack of electronic warfare (EW) capabilities and services from a wide range of domains and mission themes, allowing our customers and partners to anticipate, secure, and defend their interests in a rapidly-evolving world.

  • Tactical Data Links
  • Cyber Security & Information Assurance
  • Data Analytics
  • Electronic Warfare Products
  • Secure Communications
  • Signals Intelligence Training & Operations
Tactical Data Links

Providing our partners with tailored tactical data links (TDL) solutions to optimize their systems. We focus on integration, test, and readiness of TDL capability at the terminal platform, and network levels.

Cyber Security & Information Assurance

Working with our partners to help them understand the impact of risks and threats on their business, as well as the operational outcomes and design in the maneuver options that provide mission assurance.

Data Analytics

Developing custom and integrated solutions for our partners to facilitate the ingestion, correlation, and visualization of large volumes of EW data.

Electronic Warfare Products

Prototyping and engineering new capabilities for antennas, signal processing, embedded firmware, and software design, and manufacturing electronic warfare (EW) receivers.

Secure Communications

Combining field connectivity with an in-house engineering pool that fuses unique design and build capabilities for waveform, algorithm, antenna, and transceiver development.

Signals Intelligence Training & Operations

We provide the industry’s leading signals intelligence (SI) and EW expertise to Special Operations Forces and the intelligence community to combat the world’s toughest national security problems.

Adaptation, Accelerated.

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