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Cyber Vulnerability Investigations

For 5 years, Metrea performed the role of the UK MOD Cyber Vulnerability Investigation (CVI) Operations Delivery Specialist overseeing the Defense CVI program. A Cyber Vulnerability Investigation is a socio-technical assessment taking a holistic approach across people, processes, and technology to identify and mitigate cybersecurity risk at the system, mission, and enterprise level. We provided the management and technical oversight across all Defense CVI’s conducted by industry partners to ensure successful delivery.

Using this experience, we can export our unique expertise to provide similar cyber services across Government, UK Critical National Infrastructure, and the wider corporate sector to identify and mitigate a wide range of cyber security risk that a purely technical assessment is unable to identify.

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Our Solutions

Cyber Risk Assurance Management Software (CyRAMS)

The scale, complexity, and continual evolution of the cyber threat landscape is generating a unique set of challenges for Risk Owners. Established risk management processes and software do not provide risk owners with the information required to understand their vulnerabilities. Using Metrea’s unique CVI experience, we have developed CyRAMS, an enterprise level cyber risk management platform that enables the identification, visualization, prioritization, and management of CVI activity driving down risk and cost.

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Our Solutions

Information Assurance

Metrea provides end-to-end Information Assurance consultancy services to ensure our partners and their information systems are protected and secured. Our deep understanding of the cyber and information exchange vulnerabilities in connected sensors, platforms, and systems allows us to shape the design of new capabilities as well as assess the operational risks and resilience of in-service equipment, networks, and architectures.

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Our Stack of Cyber Security and Information Assurance Capabilities

Metrea carries out socio-technical analysis (how people, processes and technology work together) to identify cyber vulnerabilities and risks on behalf of militaries around the globe.

  • Level 0 - Design and Architect
  • Level 2 - Build and Engineer
  • Level 3 - Train and Exercise
  • Level 4 - Operate and Sustain
  • Level 5 - Affect and Evolve

Level 0 - Design and Architect

Metrea designed a proprietary software, CyRAM, to better manage the process of cyber vulnerability investigations. CyRAM is a unique software that enables cohesive program management in a CVI.

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Level 2 - Build and Engineer

In addition to building CyRAM, Metrea builds out the processes for High-Level Vulnerability assessments, coordinating partners to ensure that their unique problems are being met with tailored assessments and tests.

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Level 3 - Train and Exercise

Metrea designs and delivers a range of training solutions including live flying to immersive simulation and app-based learning in direct support of our systems and solutions for UK and international customers. Based on a wealth of experience, from running the MoD CVIs, Metrea offers several training packages:

  • Cyber risk management
  • Cyber awareness and threat training
  • Cyber training for senior military officers
  • Cyber exercises such as OSINT, Phishing, Business Continuity, and Risk Management
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Level 4 - Operate and Sustain

Live demonstrations (or Red Teams) of end-to-end attacks derived from the cyber vulnerabilities and risks are carried out to provide attack path validation and derive actionable risks. These risks can be used at both technical and operational levels within militaries and analyzed further across multiple CVIs to support enterprise-level/wide risk management.

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Level 5 - Affect and Evolve

From its rigorous management of CVIs, Metrea offers end-to-end Information Assurance consultancy services. Metrea takes what it has learned from building out the first steps of CyRAM to evolve its live demonstrations and tailorable solutions for each partner’s unique problem set.

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Adaptation, Accelerated.

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