Metrea Mission Data Limited (MMD) is delighted to announce the successful acquisition of TacCom Limited’s TacPlan and TacSig specialist multi-Tactical Data Link (TDL) planning software tools.

TacPlan and TacSig are now integrated into MMD’s SpectralTM TDL Application Suite and are designated ‘Spectral Plan’ and ‘Spectral Task’. Along with Spectral Link, Spectral SIM, Spectral IO-t and Spectral Test, MMD now offers a full package of end-to-end solutions across TDL system design and integration, test and validation, operational planning and training.

Spectral Plan is a unique single software application designed to provide a complete solution to all aspects of multi-TDL planning. Currently supporting NATO Link 1, Link 11, Link 16, Link 22, JREAP A, B & C, SADL and VMF planning, Spectral Plan generates;

  • Validated OPTASK LINK messages in selectable message text formats;
  • Link 16 Network Design requests;
  • MIDS Frequency Clearance assessments;
  • Line of Sight calculations and sensor coverage assessments
  • Connectivity assessments
  • Platform, Network, Crypto and Frequency Parameter Summaries;
  • JREAP C Internet Protocol Plan;
  • JTIDS/MIDS Forecast Report (JFAR);
  • JTIDS/MIDS Coordination Message (JCM);
  • Graphical images portraying TDL architectures for briefings and;
  • An array of validation errors and warnings ensuring the architecture will function as planned.

Designed to operate in a Windows OS environment, Spectral Plan houses all of its functionality within a single application; increasing efficiency and reducing risk associated with data transfer between multiple applications.

Spectral Task is a military message (or Signal) generator and convertor. Predominantly designed for OPTASK Link conversion between different message text format standards and baselines, Spectral Task can be modified to accept any military message for conversion. A fully automated process allows for signals to be either created and validated against a specific standard or converted from one standard to another.

MMD’s team of dedicated specialist TDL software developers will be developing Spectral Plan and Spectral Task to include the latest Link 16 modernization features, enhanced Link 22 planning functionality, a new mapping system and a modernized Graphical User Interface. Responding to extremely positive operator feedback, the technical roadmap for these market leading tools will significantly increase customer functionality, automation and usability.

On making the announcement, MMD’s Managing Director Chris Jones said, “Adding Spectral Plan and Spectral Task into our rapidly expanding catalogue of mission focused products is tremendously exciting – for our TDL developers and systems designers and for the front-line operators and industry partners that will now benefit from our portfolio of scalable, software-driven TDL solutions.”

For further information on Spectral Plan and Spectral Task, please contact Nick Young