MAX at a Glance

Metrea Algorithmics (MAX), formerly Markpoint Technologies, provides unique engineering services and cloud-based cyber operations infrastructure, and a full suite of wireless communications survey and reconnaissance sensors that enable real-time multi-domain awareness while enhancing C2.

What we do

Wireless Engineering

Our engineering team provides full end-to-end wireless collection solutions with emphasis on customized wireless collection products that include analytics and visualization services. Our subject matter experts understand firsthand the challenges and needs of different operational environments and are focused on developing new capabilities to enhance our customers’ mission.

What we do

Cyber Security

We have expertise in both defensive and offensive cyber operations. Our focus is on providing cyber security services and solutions that addresses the complexities associated with the protection of high value information and the addition of new wireless technologies.

What we do

Software Engineering

Our software engineers excel in agile environments and can quickly customize systems for our customers’ operational needs. Our software engineering expertise is critical in the development of our custom wireless collection and cyber security based solutions. Our team has experience in developing collection, processing and visualization based systems for both our national and commercial clients.

Our History

Metrea acquired MarkPoint Technologies in 2023.

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Our Company Structure

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Metrea is built on the idea that commercial business models are the only way to deliver outsized contributions for the Free World to defend its people and interests.

Our customers deserve solutions that can anticipate threats, and consistently deliver effects.

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