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A unique mission-driven investor and venture builder, we bring critical technology to national security, making societies safer, more resilient and more prosperous

Metrea Discovery at a Glance

Metrea Discovery Partners (MDP), formerly Allied, is headquartered in London and Washington, DC. Metrea Discovery invests in the most ambitious dual-use technology companies and then provides the expert support and tools necessary to enable these businesses to deliver their solutions for both national security and commercial customers alike. Learn more here.

Our Mission

Deliberately Different

We lead discovery at the forward edge of commercial technology innovation on behalf of our national security partners, our portfolio companies and the Metrea enterprise.

We do this by engaging and investing at the nexus of our democracies’ national security, technology, commercial and academic communities. The powerful networks we build, and the unique insights we generate, enable our broad range of partners to solve for the most demanding national security problems with the best teams and technologies available.

Our Team

MDP's Team

We are a multidisciplinary team of entrepreneurs, investors, technologists and former national security professionals. We have offices in the United Kingdom and United States but operate and invest globally. We are not a corporate venture capital arm. We have an independent investment mandate, a truly long-term outlook and real ‘skin in the game’ that ensures our interests are fully aligned to those of our investors and our portfolio companies. Ultimately, we are deeply committed to our mission of helping the UK, US and their allies to harness maximum value from disruptive, dual-use technologies. Where we succeed we will make our democracies safer, more resilient and more prosperous.

We're Hiring

Metrea is a team of builders. We are driven by a passion for what we do, and how we do it, who we do it with, and who we do it for.
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Metrea is built on the idea that commercial business models are the only way to deliver outsized contributions for the Free World to defend its people and interests. 

Our customers deserve solutions that can anticipate threats, and consistently deliver effects.

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