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We confront tough national security problems with innovative approaches to the integration, exploitation and assurance of operational data.

MMD at a Glance

Metrea Mission Data (MMD) was originally founded in 2005, and is headquartered in Malvern, United Kingdom. MMD combines unique technical capabilities in C4ISR, tactical data links (TDL), and electronic warfare (EW) with significant operational expertise across the electromagnetic spectrum to help customers optimize their systems. We look beyond the sensors, terminals and platforms that fixate others to connect our partners with the data, skills and understanding they need.

Our Capabilities

Big Data Analytics

The exponential increase and complexity of data in the digital age has generated a myriad of new challenges and opportunities including the Internet of Things, vast amounts of streaming data (“Big Data”) and advanced analytics through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) functions. Working with leading edge technology, Metrea Mission Data supports our partners by bringing the latest AI and ML techniques to these bulk data challenges in the intelligence data environment. We support the UK MOD and Government in the correlation, management, analysis, and dissemination of intelligence big data sources providing an operator selectable situational awareness intelligence overview in near real time and enhancing operational advantage.

On the UK MOD Moonlight and Maritime Domain Awareness programs, our innovation and agile software development has delivered continual updates and critical enhancements, ensuring the capabilities are consistently evolving to meet the dynamic operational requirements of our customers and partners.

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Our Capabilities

Tactical Data Links

Metrea Mission Data works with our government and business partners to provide tailored TDL solutions that optimize their systems. Our focus is on the integration, test, and readiness of TDL capabilities at the terminal, platform, and network level. We recognize the challenges generated by new crypto, frequency re-mapping, enhanced throughput requirements through Link 16 Modernization, and the rapid expansion of multi-TDLs across the Air, Land, Maritime, and Space domains. Spectral, our proprietary, modular Link 16 software solution, provides cost-effective multi-domain L16 capabilities spanning platform/system integration, network planning, live and synthetic simulation and is supported by a full suite of test, evaluation, and verification tools (including terminals) enabling MMD to deliver a unique portfolio of TDL products and services.

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Our Capabilities


Metrea Mission Data provides manned, unmanned, and blended ISR operations and training solutions. We design and build optimal solutions to meet our customer requirements to deliver C4ISR effects. Since 2012, MMD has supported British Army training in Kenya with airborne ISR and Close Air Support emulation. Whilst in Saudi Arabia, our turnkey DA-42 service with LIDAR has provided the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology with contracted environmental survey and remote sensing. Since 2018 we have delivered partnered synthetic training to the RAF’s MQ-9A Reaper Force providing instructors across all crew positions and White Force specialists. Selected for our innovation and expertise in 2021, we continue to support UK Home Office trials of novel, innovative airborne ISR sensors to meet contemporary challenges.

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Our Capabilities

Cyber Security and Information Assurance

Metrea Mission Data’s deep understanding of the cyber and information exchange vulnerabilities across connected sensors, platforms, and systems allows us to shape the design of new capabilities, as well as assess the operational risks and resilience of in-service equipment. Increasingly sophisticated threats and attack vectors will inevitably penetrate defenses and we collaborate with our partners to help them understand the impact of risks and threats on their business and operational outcomes. We then work with our partners to develop appropriate risk management processes and mitigations.

As the UK MOD’s Operational Delivery Specialist partner from 2017-2022, our cyber and information assurance experts have helped develop the methodology for Cyber Vulnerability Investigations (CVI) across the Defense portfolio. Combined with our proprietary risk management software tool (CyRAMS),  we provide a portfolio of Cyber Security and Information Assurance services that are tailorable to Defense, Government, Critical National Infrastructure, and the wider corporate sector.

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Our Solutions

Space Domain Awareness

An increasing global dependency on space makes it essential for Metrea to consider space-based outputs and benefits in all our solution concepts and design. The ubiquity and persistence that space offers can overcome the constraints of the modern electromagnetic battlefield and create pathways and perspectives that far exceed those in the traditional operating environments. As a leading contributing partner across multiple defense and civil R&D frameworks, MMD provides unique research, concepts and technologies that introduce and harness the latest payload innovations, communication links and space data systems across defense and security programs.

Our Customers

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Certifications and Affiliations

We continue to evolve our offerings to our customers by making sure we have the most up to date certifications and relevant affiliations.

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Our History

MMD was previously known as 3DSL before being acquired by Metrea in 2019.

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