NOR: An Advanced Simulation and Training Program

Introduced at I/ITSEC 2021, the NOR platform brings the cutting edge technology, scalability and accessibility of commercial game engines to the high-end military training and simulation market.

  • Simulation Platform Development
  • High-Fidelity Simulation
  • Rendering and Modeling
  • Digital Reconstruction
  • Live and Ever-Evolving System
  • Advanced AI and Analytics

The age of having one simulator per squadron has passed. With the NOR platform, every pilot is able to have access to their own simulator.


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ATT: Air Tactics Trainer

ATT is the first simulation module developed by Metrea for NOR. The first iteration is based on the F-16 block 50; however, any modern aircraft can be simulated in the environment. Metrea can flexibly integrate the NOR simulation and flight modeling with existing third-party simulators.

With ATT, the customer gets a high-fidelity trainer with high availability at a fraction of the cost of a contemporary simulator. Instead of sharing one or, at best, a few simulators within a squadron, every pilot can have their own networked, virtual, or mixed reality-based Air Tactics Trainer.

With NOR and its ATT module, Metrea has created a distributed, networked simulator designed to optimize actual mission effectiveness. The ATT is available, affordable, and realistic; it provides end-to-end mission simulation with authentic sensor system and environment replication. Our aim is for our customers to fight the way they have trained–successfully.

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JTACT: Joint Terminal Attack Controller Trainer

The JTACT is a natural addition to the expanding suite of NOR training simulators. The high cost of flying modern combat aircraft has placed a premium on realistic, affordable training for JTACs and Forward Air Controllers.

The NOR-based solution created by Metrea integrates pilot training via ATT  with FAC/JTAC training via the JTACT. Now, through the NOR platform pilots and controllers can train together – the simulator networks pilots and controllers in a high-fidelity operational environment. JTACs and pilots will have to combat foliage, smoke, haze, dust, darkness, rain and a capable, determined adversary in a high stress combat environment.

The lightweight NOR training system can also be brought along to the theater of operations. Close Air Support can be rehearsed before high-risk missions, in the same terrain and with the same conditions likely to be encountered during the real mission. Using NOR, the probability of mission success will be maximized.

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Our Stack of Simulation Capabilities

Metrea provides unique solutions for military training simulation through our wide-range of expertise in engineering, rendering, and AI.

We apply modern development methodologies to integrate design, development and operation to create solutions capable of evolving rapidly in concert with emerging technology.

  • Level 0 - Design & Architect
  • Level 1 - Acquire and Manage
  • Level 2 - Build and Engineer
  • Level 3 - Train and Exercise

Level 0 - Design & Architect

With Metrea’s vast experience in flight modeling, systems engineering, and rendering, we are able to deliver effective, cost-conscious aircraft simulations for our partners. Platform agnostic emulation and recreation of aircraft systems, flight characteristics, and aircraft rendering form an effective tool for flight training, analytics, and AI training.

We architect industry-leading, realistic, immersive, and strikingly accurate digital recreations of aircraft, cockpits, vehicles, and other entities for simulation, analysis, training, and industrial design. Digitally reconstructed assets are validated through photogrammetric and laser scanning and built in accordance with rigorous standards.

Metrea also develops and integrates advanced artificial intelligence solutions, including tactical and strategic multi-domain AI, AI-based data analytics, and aircraft crew simulations.

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Level 1 - Acquire and Manage

NOR is based on the game engine UnrealEngine®. By adapting this well-recognized, powerful software, Metrea is able to capitalize on the rapidly advancing technology demanded in the consumer-driven gaming space.

While game engines are great starting points, they are not ready “out of the box” for large scale, high-fidelity simulation. Metrea is leveraging the extant capabilities of UnrealEngine® and augmenting them to include:

  • Interoperability with other simulation platforms, including DIS, CIGI, HLA
  • Simulated solar system-scale interactions
  • An entire WGS84 ellipsoidal earth coordinate system
  • A procedurally generated world built on multiple layers of data, such as:
    • Elevations
    • Satellite imagery
    • Road networks
    • Electrical grids
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Level 2 - Build and Engineer

Cutting edge, ultimate-fidelity simulation requires the best possible development platform. That’s why Metrea built the NOR platform — to deliver a flexible, seamless, virtual-reality based platform and all related services. AI, rendering, analytics, and entity simulations are seamlessly integrated through a modern platform architecture. Together, they yield a capable and immersive world simulation, shortening development times while increasing fidelity and immersion.

  • High-fidelity aircraft simulation
  • High-fidelity flight modeling
  • Advanced sensor simulation (IR, EM, EO)
  • Propulsion, hydraulic, electrical systems simulation
  • Ground and airborne weapons simulation
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Level 3 - Train and Exercise

NOR is a customizable platform, easily suited for the unique challenges customers present. NOR is mission-ready to help customers around the globe train in highly simulated worlds.

Metrea’s sophisticated simulation framework enables full systems and flight-modeling. The physics based NOR platform can integrate seamlessly with OFP and third-party software.

By building data-based terrain, NOR can render both photo-realistic environments and authentic sensor modeling, in which sensors can query the terrain for heat, texture, reflectivity and other physical properties needed for tactical-grade realism.

Historically, customers could expect either realistic simulation or realistic visualization. The data-centric approach taken by NOR enables Metrea to offer our customers an authentically rendered tactical environment with which they can realistically interact.

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Adaptation, Accelerated.

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