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Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics is the use of advanced analytic techniques against very large, structured, semi-structured, and unstructured diverse data sets from various sources. Metrea processes large volume data incorporating artificial intelligence (Al) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to enable the extraction of meaningful insights. Metrea extracts hidden patterns and unknown correlations to provide operational advantages to customers through visualization techniques.

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Situational Awareness

Metrea develops tailored software solutions for our partners enabling Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (PED) and automating the ingestion, correlation, and visualization of large, diverse data sets. We provide an end-to-end solution: we develop the software layer, then design and implement the physical layer, and continuously provide ongoing support and training.

Metrea provides our partners with a user-selectable intelligence picture, ensuring they have the most relevant and up-to-date situational awareness picture possible.

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Big Data Software Solutions

Employing a one-team ethos, our software engineers work with defense customers to develop solutions for the ingest, correlation, and visualization of large volumes of intelligence data. With ever-expanding requirements, data sources, and interface types, we constantly strive to match our solutions to the specific operational needs of our customers. We support the UK MoD and Government with the MOONLIGHT and Maritime Domain Awareness software systems, bringing the latest Al and ML techniques to these bulk data challenges. Using company R&D investment in collaboration with partners, we look ahead to the challenge of providing near real-time, operator-selectable, processed, and correlated intelligence data to populate multiple situational awareness pictures to enhance operational capability.

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Our Stack of Data Analytics Capabilities

Metrea processes and visualizes large volumes of data for our partners around the globe.

  • Level 0 - Design and Architect
  • Level 1 - Acquire and Manage
  • Level 4 - Operate and Sustain

Level 0 - Design and Architect

Metrea is at the forefront of development and ingenuity in electronic warfare. Metrea develops software interfaces for seamless EW data exchange and correlation between collaborative systems. In addition, we also design pipelines for new data streams to be incorporated into existing softwares, ensuring all data sources can be easily compiled into one central interface.

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Level 1 - Acquire and Manage

Metrea works with our partners to both manage the backend of user interfaces and integrate new data streams into pre-existing software. We continue to iterate and innovate so that our partners have the most up to date information readily available.

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Level 4 - Operate and Sustain

On behalf of MoD, Metrea manages the naval software, MOONLIGHT and Maritime Domain Awareness software. Metrea both manages and develops the back-end interface of the software, incorporating new data streams into existing ones. We have developed significant expertise into how the back-end of the software functions and where improvements can be made.

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Adaptation, Accelerated.

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