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Based in the UK and Europe, Metrea Aerial Effects (MAFX) leverages both its own capabilities and those from across Metrea to deliver turn key, full-stack aviation solutions to our partners. 

Our Missions

Metrea ISR

MAFX leverages decades of real-world mission experience combined with a forward leaning approach to platform and solution development to offer crewed and uncrewed special mission solutions, laser focused on our customer’s needs.

Whilst platform and sensor agnostic to ensure we best support our customers, the ability to draw on Metrea existing platforms, mission system and tactical data link capabilities allows us to more rapidly deploy high-fit, full stack solutions.

For over a decade, Metrea has supported British Army Collective Training worldwide with airborne ISR and Close Air Support emulation. Since 2018 we have delivered partnered synthetic training to the RAF’s MQ-9A Reaper Force, providing instructors across all crew positions and White Force specialists.

Our Missions

Metrea Civil and Para-Military Missions

Beyond traditional defence missions and to support our customer’s broader national security challenges, MAFX offers a range of para-military and civil mission capabilities which leverages our defence expertise to better support governments in homeland and civil protection.

Our Customers

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Metrea is built on the idea that commercial business models are the only way to deliver outsized contributions for the Free World to defend its people and interests.

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