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We develop and build next generation, ultimate-fidelity simulation and rendering solutions to meet the world’s toughest national security challenges.

MSIM at a Glance

Metrea Simulations (MSIM) was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Sweden is an epicenter for commercial gaming innovation where MSIM has been purposefully located. MSIM has taken the foundations of a commercial game engine to create an ultimate fidelity, physics-based simulation platform operational across the air, land, sea, and EMS domains.

With ultimate fidelity and a focus on training effects, MSIM’s simulation and rendering expertise can help customers achieve training goals far more effectively and affordably than what has previously been possible.

Our Expertise

Harnessing Commercial Gaming Engines

While game engines are great starting points, they are not ready “out of the box” for large-scale, high-fidelity simulation. MSIM is leveraging the extant capabilities of UnrealEngine® and augmenting them to include:

  • Interoperability with other simulation platforms, including DIS, CIGI, HLA
  • Simulated solar system-scale interactions
  • An entire WGS84 ellipsoidal earth coordinate system
  • A procedurally generated world built on multiple layers of data, such as:

    • Elevations 
    • Satellite imagery 
    • Road networks 
    • Electrical grids
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Our Expertise

The NOR Platform

MSIMS’s sophisticated simulation framework enables full systems and flight-modeling. The physics-based NOR platform can integrate seamlessly with OFP and third-party software. 

By building data-based terrain, NOR can render both photo-realistic environments and authentic sensor modeling, in which sensors can query the terrain for heat, texture, reflectivity and other physical properties needed for tactical-grade realism. 

Historically, customers could expect either realistic simulation or realistic visualization. The data-centric approach taken by NOR enables MSIM to offer our customers an authentically rendered tactical environment with which they can realistically interact.

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Metrea is built on the idea that commercial business models are the only way to deliver outsized contributions for the Free World to defend its people and interests. 

Our customers deserve solutions that can anticipate threats, and consistently deliver effects.

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