MAM at a Glance

Metrea is comprised of eight business units and Metrea Management (MAM). The business units focus on advancing our solution offerings — the designing, acquiring, engineering, training, operating, and evolving aspects of our business. MAM provides the enterprise support and expertise that enables our business units to constantly innovate and meet our partners ever-changing problem space. MAM works with our business units to build full stacks of solutions and services in each of our mission areas which harness the speed and scale of commercial innovation. Enterprise services in MAM include Solution Development, Legal, Finance, Operations, and Strategy.

Organizational Support


Our Strategy Team is composed of Solution Development, Investment, Market Engagement, Research, Strategy Development, Solution Design & Assessment, and External Affairs. Our experts are constantly working to identify national security’s hardest problems and develop ways for Metrea to deliver elegant solutions.


Responsible for all financial activities across Metrea, our financial team has developed a cutting-edge approach to ensuring Metrea deploys capital effectively across our business units.

Legal and Compliance

Metrea’s legal team brings a sophisticated understanding to Metrea’s legal requirements. With a love of the detail, our legal team has a wealth of experience in import/export law, defense regulation and more.

Operations and People Development

With over 850 employees, Metrea’s Operations and People Development teams are constantly innovating to develop the best internal processes so that business units can continue to over deliver results.

Aviation Group

With multiple aviation-focused business units, the Aviation Group provides support and leadership across common areas such as safety, maintenance, engineering, and crew.

Electromagnetic & Space Group

From training and operations to hardware and software design, Metrea’s Electromagnetic & Space Group provides cross-functional expertise to our simulation, electromagnetic, and space business units.

Metrea has a Global Footprint

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