In March 2017, Metrea Mission Data was awarded the contract to deliver a turn-key Airborne Remote Sensing Program to King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), a government institution that supports and enhances applied research

Metrea Mission Data led the design, procurement, integration and introduction to service, of an innovative airborne ISR capability, working with multiple technology and service vendors in the UK and in Saudi Arabia. Metrea Mission Data continue to provide through life support to the capability, including the management of engineering and ground operations. The contract was delivered in 3 phases:

  • SPECIFICATION AND PROCUREMENT – This phase involved the specification, selection, procurement and build of a suitable aircraft to meet stringent targets for flexibility and reliability. Metrea Mission Data led the procurement process, working closely with aircraft and sensor manufacturers to ensure that the specification and design met the exacting standards and requirements of KACST. In parallel to air frame production, Metrea Mission Data specified and procured the sensor suite, incorporating Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) and Hyperspectral Imaging Sensors and cockpit workstations.
  • INTEGRATION AND CERTIFICATION – Metrea Mission Data led all aspects of the integration of the sensor suite along with the certification of the aircraft in preparation for import into KSA. In addition to overseeing sensor integration and calibration, Metrea Mission Data worked with Saudi delivery partners and the air frame supplier to ensure availability of in-country aircraft and equipment storage. This phase also involved the registration of the aircraft with the Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), gaining the required export licenses, and achieving the Certification of Airworthiness (C of A).
  • OPERATIONS AND OPERATOR TRAINING – Following successful completion of the integration and certification work, Metrea Mission Data led the development and procurement of bespoke in-country Sensor Operator Training Courses, culminating in training, calibration and test flights and bringing the capability into day to day service.

Metrea Mission Data’s Remote Airborne Sensing Program has been an outstanding example of successful integration and collaboration across international borders, languages and technical disciplines to achieve exceptional results.

Remote Air Sensing Program for Saudi Government - Metrea Mission Data Case Studies