Message Text Format (MTF) signals are an essential part of operational coordination of planning and management activities. Ensuring that these MTF signals are correctly generated and validated is key to ensuring mission success through the correct exchange of information between organizations.

However, with continually changing MTF structures, complex field formats and encoding, manually generated signals are typically error filled and unusable by automated systems.

TacSig delivers a complete solution for creating, reviewing and translating any MTF signal by providing an operator friendly tool for the generation and interpretation of fully validated MTF signals to remove the errors from MTF signals generated locally or imported from external organizations.

By providing full validation of signal structure, segment/set/field rules and field formatting/values in addition to providing comprehensive field decoding and formatting support, TacSig ensures any MTF signal can be quickly and accurately created and reviewed. Automated translation of the created signals between different baseline standards provides full interoperability to all signal consumers.

TacSig - The Complete MTF Support Solution